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Achieving, maintaining, and thriving in employment can be difficult for many autistic adults.
We partner with workplaces to improve accessibility, training, and processes that deliver increased work opportunities for autistic adults.


We have developed a novel end-to-end framework, encompassing eight key areas, to promote inclusive workplaces and enhance recruitment and retention of autistic employees. These include strengths and supports assessments, workplace training programs, workplace adaptations and accommodations, and ongoing tailored support, including mental health assistance.


Our goal is to create a unique employment hub here at the University of Sydney that supports both individuals and businesses in urban and regional areas around Australia to thrive in a neurodiverse workplace.


Improving work outcomes for autistic adults with a supported workplace program

We have partnered with Ernst & Young (EY) to run a world-first 12-week supported workplace program for autistic adults at EY’s head office in Sydney. The ground-breaking program matched autistic candidates with roles at EY based on their individual needs, strengths and preferences.

Previous research

Exploring relationships between mental health and work for autistic adults

Our studies have explored some of the links between employment and mental health for autistic adults. This may help determine the types of mental health supports and accommodations that autistic adults need to thrive in the workplace

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