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CAN Mental Health

Rates of mental health concerns, such as anxiety, depression and sleep disorders, are much higher in autistic people and those with other neurodevelopmental conditions. We provide much-needed mental health training, interventions and support.

Support Group

This trial is currently recruiting.

CBT group therapy programs for social anxiety or autism

Our gold-standard CBT group programs are open to adults and young adults over the age of 16. One group is for autistic people seeking support to manage social skills and anxiety, and one is for neurotypical adults living with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Both programs are free.

Currently recruiting

Understanding attitudes, knowledge and experiences of mental health professionals treating autistic youth 

We explored, via an online survey, the knowledge, experience, and attitudes of therapists towards treating mental health concerns in autistic people. 

Business Meeting

Enhancing mental health
support for autistic people through training for
healthcare professionals

We deliver a specialised training program that aims to assist mental health professionals in modifying their practices to better support to autistic people. 

Previous research

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Supporting the use of
mental health assessments
in autistic adults

We were the first to investigate whether some of the most widely used mental health measures are valid and reliable for measuring mental health concerns in autistic people. 

Evaluating mental health challenges in young autistic adults

Our studies have been among the first to show significant relationships between various challenges autistic adults face, including mental health, daily functioning, quality of life, employment, and emotional reactivity. 

Life coaching
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