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Brain Scans

Older adults

There is still relatively little research into older adults with autism. This is partly because the diagnosis itself is still relatively new. Many autistic individuals diagnosed as children are only just reaching more advanced years now. Many more would have missed out on a diagnosis completely.

Our research is building a greater understanding of how autism and other neurodevelopmental conditions impact people as they age. This will help inform more tailored resources, interventions and support for autistic individuals and their carers.


Previous research

CAN Research older adults

Autism throughout the lifespan

We are recruiting autistic adults aged 40 years and above to build a greater understanding of how autism influences people throughout the lifespan.

Current research

Understanding autism in older adults

We aim to better understand the characteristics of autism as we age, to better differentiate between other possible diagnoses, and to help identify appropriate and relevant strategies and supports.

Older man with nurse

This trial is currently recruiting.

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