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CAN Partnerships

We partner with other universities, clinics, hospitals, government and industry to trial cutting-edge interventions and technology. Our collaborations allow us to broaden and deepen our research scope, so that we can more quickly bring new discoveries and better understanding to individuals and families. 


Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network

We are embedded within the SCHN to gather evidence, explore characteristics and deliver new treatments to children and families throughout the network.

Neurodevelopment Australia (ND Australia)

We're a proud founding member of ND Australia - an unprecedented national alliance between universities, major hospitals, clinicians, providers, researchers and community groups.  

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Collaborations with leading advocacy organisations

We collaborate with leading neurodevelopmental advocacy organisations, such as Autism Spectrum Australia (Aspect), Autism Awareness Australia, and the Cerebal Palsy Alliance, on a variety of research programs and initiatives. 

Academic partnerships

We regularly partner with other clinical teams and academic institutions on cutting-edge sponsored and investigator-led trials. Current collaborations include with clinics at the University of Queensland, the University of Melbourne, Deakin University, and across the University of Sydney. 


Exploring an AI-Assisted Technology for Social and Adaptive Functioning 

We're partnering with technology company akin, adults with intellectual disabilities and parents of children with neurodevelopmental conditions to 
explore a new AI-assisted digital technology that can track and support social and adaptive functioning in daily life.

Improving work outcomes for autistic adults with a supported workplace program

Achieving, maintaining, and thriving in employment can be difficult for many autistic adults. We’ve partnered with workplaces to improve accessibility, training and processes that deliver increased work opportunities for autistic adults.

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