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Adult-diagnosis of autism has increased significantly over the past 20 years. Receiving an autism diagnosis as an adult can bring a sense of relief and offer a better understanding of oneself. It can also be a confusing and challenging time. However, many people find that there is a paucity of support for autistic adults.

Our adult team have been providing free and effective group programs to autistic adults for the past 10 years. These include cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) groups for autistic adults seeking support to manage social skills and anxiety, and for neurotypical adults struggling with social anxiety. We’ve also partnered with industry to develop a supported workplace program for autistic adults and to trial an AI-assisted technology that supports adults with intellectual disabilities.

Our programs are evidence-based and include gold-standard therapies. We have supported more than 700 adults through these programs in the last decade, while gaining a deeper understanding of how the brain and body is influenced by psychological and practical support.


Current research

Image by Dylan Gillis

CBT group therapy programs for social anxiety or autism

We run two group-based gold-standard CBT programs: one for autistic adolescents and adults seeking support to manage social skills and anxiety, and one for neurotypical adults living with social anxiety disorder (SAD). Both programs are free. 

This trial is currently recruiting.

Investigate the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of ML-004 in autistic adolescents and adults 

In the IRIS study, we are looking to find out
whether the investigational study drug,
designated ML-004, will help alleviate some of
the challenges that can impact communication
in those on the autism spectrum.

ML-004 image.png

This trial is currently recruiting.

Previous research

Casual Business Meeting

Improving work outcomes for autistic adults with a supported workplace program

Achieving, maintaining, and thriving in employment can be difficult for many autistic adults. We’ve partnered with workplaces to improve accessibility, training and processes that deliver increased work opportunities for autistic adults.

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