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Adam Guastella child autism MRI

Our child team

One in 10 children in Australia will be diagnosed with a neurodevelopmental condition. One in 70 will be diagnosed with autism.

Our child team works with children, families, and child-focused services across NSW to explore the characteristics and support the practical and diagnostic needs of children with a range of neurodevelopmental conditions and their families.

Playing Computer Games

Exploring social development in children with Cerebral Palsy

A high proportion of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) show significant social challenges. Around 30% of children with CP are also diagnosed with autism. However, no previous research has identified ways to systematically identify and track social development challenges in this population.

This trial is currently recruiting.

Homesickness and wellbeing of hospitalised children

Homesickness is the distress associated with separation from home and missing things from home. Understanding the different ways homesickness affects children will help us recommend appropriate strategies to better help children when in hospital.

Child on Wheelchair

Currently recruiting

Supporting social learning in autistic pre-schoolers

As part of our ground-breaking oxytocin research, this study is investigating the effectiveness of a new nasal spray in reducing social and behavioural challenges in autistic children when combined with social learning therapy.


This trial is currently recruiting.

Sydney Children’s Hospital Network

We are embedded within the SCHN to gather evidence, explore characteristics and deliver new treatments to children and families throughout the network.

Happy Twins

Australian Child Neurodevelopment Registry

The project aims to establish a combined research registry of children with neurodevelopmental conditions between the Brain and Mind Centre, University of Sydney, and our participating health sites.

Child Psycholgist

An overview of treatment provided to children and adolescents with ADHD in Australia

In 2019, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affected an estimated 281,200 Australian children and adolescents (4.2%). We are reviewing the treatment provided to children with ADHD to assess the extent it adheres to national guidelines. 

Understanding the needs of children and families attending assessment services

Our studies have explored the diverse diagnostic and practical needs of children and families presenting to neurodevelopmental assessment clinics across Sydney. By better understanding needs and challenges, we can find new ways to improve assessments. 

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Oxytocin nasal spray studies

Our Child Development and Behaviour Research Group has conducted cutting-edge trials using oxytocin, a naturally occurring hormone in the brain (also known as the ‘love hormone’).

Kids in Slide

Previous research

Examination of a child

Exploring supports and interventions for children and families

We are constantly seeking new ways to better understand and develop supports and interventions that meet the needs of children and families, in clinical settings and at home.

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