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Adam Guastella child autism MRI

CAN Understand

We seek to understand more about how neurodevelopmental, cognitive and mental health conditions develop and change, and the mechanisms behind why therapies and interventions work.  Our current work in this area includes collaborations with clinics and research instititions across NSW, Victoria and Queensland. 

Currently recruiting

Understanding autism in older adults

We aim to better understand the characteristics of autism as we age, to better differentiate between other possible diagnoses, and to help identify appropriate and relevant strategies and supports.

Older man with nurse

This trial is currently recruiting.

Playing Computer Games

This trial is currently recruiting

Exploring early life markers to predict social development in Cerebral Palsy

A high proportion of children with Cerebral Palsy (CP) show significant social challenges. Around 30% of children with CP are also diagnosed with autism. However, no previous research has identified ways to systematically identify and track social development challenges in this population.

Social behaviour ligand study.jpg

Understanding biological pathways of human behaviour

We are trying to better understand the biology of social behaviour in humans. This may then help us develop better treatments for the social difficulties people experience in many different conditions.

This trial is not yet open to recruitment

Child on Wheelchair

Homesickness and wellbeing of hospitalised children

Homesickness is the distress associated with separation from home and missing things from home. Understanding the different ways homesickness affects children will help us recommend appropriate strategies to better help children when in hospital.

An overview of treatment provided to children and adolescents with ADHD in Australia

In 2019, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) affected an estimated 281,200 Australian children and adolescents (4.2%). We are reviewing the treatment provided to children with ADHD to assess the extent it adheres to national guidelines. 

Child Psycholgist
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