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Improving work outcomes for autistic adults with a supported workplace program

In 2021, we partnered with Ernst & Young (EY) to run a world-first 12-week supported workplace program for autistic adults at EY’s head office in Sydney. The ground-breaking program matched autistic candidates with roles at EY based on their individual needs, strengths and preferences. It also sought to better understand employers’ attitudes, knowledge and confidence in supporting autistic people in the workplace.

The program provided tailored support for autistic candidates and EY staff at every step of the journey, including workshops, adaptions to recruitment, interviewing, on-boarding and workplace processes, and weekly 1:1 support. 

The results will provide researchers and employers with greater insight into where and how to direct resources that can improve employment outcomes for autistic adults.



  • Were over 18 years old

  • Had a diagnosis of autism

  • Could work part- or full- time for a period of 12 weeks

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