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CBT group therapy programs to support young autistic adults with social anxiety

As well as supporting participants, the programs investigate the mechanisms that enhance social behaviours and reduce the severity of social anxiety over an eight-week course of group CBT treatment.

Participants complete a diagnostic assessment, as well as a series of questionnaires and computer-based assessments before and after completing the eight weeks of group CBT.


Each group session runs for 2.5 – 3 hours.


To be eligible for this study, participants must:

  • Be 16 years or older

  • Meet the diagnostic criteria for autism

  • Have an IQ > 70

  • Not be currently suicidal, severely depressed, experiencing psychotic symptoms, or have serious alcohol use problems

This study is currently OPEN. Register your interest below. 

Our initial research suggests that the CBT groups can significantly reduce social anxiety and improve social motivation and overall mental wellbeing. You can read the full results below. 

Bemmer, E. R., Boulton, K. A., Thomas, E. E., Larke, B., Lah, S., Hickie, I. B., & Guastella, A. J. (2021). Modified CBT for social anxiety and social functioning in young adults with autism spectrum disorder. Molecular Autism, 12(1), 1-15.


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