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Frontier: Understanding Social Functioning in Ageing

Updated: Aug 8, 2022

We are researching the changes in cognitive, behavioural, and social functioning in various conditions affecting the brain, including frontotemporal dementia and its variants; autism spectrum disorder; and other similar conditions.

The research

Our research aims to understand the symptoms and progression of brain conditions such as dementia and autism, and if/how they are related to other conditions and to normal ageing.

We'd like to discover what changes in cognition, behavioural, and social functioning are associated with these different conditions and how they may progress over time.

We're particularly interested in how changes in the way people interact with others

are present in these conditions.

By better understanding the symptoms of these different conditions we hope to improve the accuracy of diagnosis as early as possible and to identify appropriate and relevant intervention strategies.

Would you like to take part? Find out more below!

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