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Martha Munro

Martha is a Research Assistant at CAN Research, supporting the team with a number of research projects.


Martha completed her Honours thesis with CAN Research, evaluating the accessibility and quality of reports produced by a developmental assessment service. She is now working as a research assistant, focusing on recruitment and assessment for a number of trials.

Martha completed a Bachelor of Science and Advanced Studies (Psychology) (Neuroscience Honours) at the University of Sydney. In addition to working at CAN Research, Martha is currently completing a Postgraduate Diploma of Psychology (Advanced) at Monash University.

Publication highlights

  • Munro, M., Boulton, K. A., Phillips, N., Hodge, M. A., Ong, N., Coghill, D., Silove, N., & Guastella, A. J. (2023). Quality and accessibility of written development assessment reports provided to caregivers in a publicly funded child developmental assessment service. Autism, 0(0).

Research interests

  • Autism and neurodevelopmental conditions

  • Mental health

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