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Makana Hilton

Makana joined CAN Research as a master’s student, authoring a research thesis that investigated the contribution of autistic traits and general psychological distress to distress pertaining to gender in children and adolescents with gender dysphoria. Now working as  as a research assistant in the team, she is involved with a number of projects.

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After completing her Bachelor’s degree in Natural Sciences in Canada, Makana completed a Masters of Brain and Mind Sciences at the University of Sydney in January 2020.

In addition to working as a research assistant at CAN Research, Makana is currently studying medicine at Macquarie University with interests in paediatrics, emergency medicine, and cardiology.

Research interests

- Early intervention in Autism

- Electronic data capture in developmental clinics

- Co-morbidities with neurodevelopmental disorders

Publication highlights

Hilton, M.N., Boulton, K.A., Kozlowska, K., McClure, G., & Guastella, A.J. (2022). The co-occurrence of neurodevelopmental disorders in gender dysphoria: Characteristics within a paediatric treatment-seeking cohort and factors that predict distress pertaining to gender. Journal of Psychiatric Research, 149, 281-286.

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