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Executive and motor function in adults with cerebral palsy or autistic individuals and its relationship to quality-of-life

We are doing a study examining cognitive and motor function profiles in adults with cerebral palsy and how if relates to quality of life.


We also want to compare the cognitive and motor function profile of people with cerebral palsy to autistic people and those without a neurodevelopmental condition.

Taking part in this study will involve:

  • Attending a study visit at the Brain and Mind Centre in Camperdown, Sydney

  • Completing assessments about cerebral palsy and autism

  • Completing assessments of cognitive and motor function

  • Completing questionnaires on cognitive function, quality of life, mood, and disability

  • Completing an online electronic diary on a weekly basis for 12 weeks following the study visit


To be eligible for this study, participants must:

  • Either​

    • have a diagnosis of cerebral palsy; or

    • are autistic or may meet criteria for autism spectrum; or
    • have no classification of cerebral palsy or autism or a neurodevelopmental or psychiatric condition
  • Be aged between 18 to 50 years

  • Be able to walk independently at least over short distances (up to 10 metres)

  • Be able to complete manual tasks without adaptive support or assistance from another person

This study is currently OPEN. Register your interest below. 

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