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Exploring early life markers to predict social development

This research will provide the first ever data to identify social challenges and track social development early in the life of children with CP and babies who have been admitted to the NICU.

The study will look at social skills and social reciprocity in infants from aged three months to two years. Children will attend assessments at 3-5 months, 9 months, 18 months and 24 months, either at the Cerebral Palsy Early Diagnosis Clinic when they present for standard assessments, or at the Brain and Mind Centre.

As well as routine CP assessments, infants and parents will complete an infant interaction task and an unstructured parent-infant play session. A comprehensive social development and skills assessment will also be conducted at 24 months.


Eligibility criteria 

  • Infants 3-5 months of age at study enrollment, and:

  • Confirmed diagnosis of CP, or

  • Suspected to be at high risk for CP (e.g. referred to early diagnosis clinic for assessment), or

  • History of admission to the NICU

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