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Investigating the efficacy, safety, and tolerability of ML-004 in adolescents and adults with autism

We are working with Maplight and other sites around Australia, Canada, and the United States, to investigate the safety, tolerability, and efficacy of a pharmaceutical therapy called ML-004.

We are looking to find out whether ML-004
might address the characteristics of autism that can make social interaction challenging.


To be eligible, participants must be:

  • Be aged 12 - 45 years old (currently, we are recruiting adults aged 18 years and older but we will be recruiting adolescents aged 12 - 17 later in 2023)

  • Have an autism diagnosis

  • Have a relative, housemate, friend, or other study partner to assist during the study and attend clinic visits

There are additional requirements for participation. The study staff will explain the complete list of requirements.

This study is currently OPEN. Register your interest below. 

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