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Oxytocin in autistic pre-schoolers receiving social learning therapy

The nasal spray is being studied in combination with an established social learning intervention, called the Parent-delivered Early Start Denver Model (P-ESDM).


Children and their parents attend a 12-week therapy program with a therapist, where they will learn how to use P-ESDM with their child at home. To participate, they must be able to attend five study visits and 13 P-ESDM sessions at the Brain and Mind Centre over the course of six months.


To be eligible, participants must:

  • Be aged 3–5 years

  • Have an autism diagnosis

  • Not have any other severe genetic, physical or neurological conditions

Potential benefits to participating in this study include:

  • Participating in P-ESDM and learning new skills to use with your child

  • Receiving verbal feedback on your child’s study assessments

This study is currently OPEN. Register your interest below. 

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